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I love everything DOG! I find them to be the greatest asset to the human experience. Life without my constant companions would be so empty. I do consider myself a "Dogaholic".

I got my first dog as an adult around 14 years ago. I was with a group of friends volunteering in the skid row area of downtown Los Angeles when my eyes lay on an abandoned puppy rolling on his back in the park. "Is this your dog?"... no one responded nor could they care. I picked this dirty filthy 15lb. puppy up and held him close. Of course I couldn't leave him to such a bleak future. He came home with us and we named him Jimi (after Jimi Hendrix). If the truth be known, Jimi rescued me. My life and my world got so full, so big, so happy. We met all of the neighbors on our walks, went to the mountains for fun, and hiked frequently in our local mountains.

dog_iFour years later, I was ready for my next rescue. Through a series of coincidences, Izabelle joined our family. She was found by a friend of mine emaciated, scared beyond words and surviving under an abandoned house after giving birth to 3 pups. Eight months later she joined our family.

I became aware of the plight of all these homeless animals in Los Angeles, hence my rescue career started. They are my inspiration for Bark n' Bitches. Not only do I have this amazing Dog Boutique in the heart of hip L.A., but I created "Jimi's Angels Rescue" to continue my work to support the homeless dogs of Los Angeles. Through a series of divinely inspired thoughts, we are now a Humane Pet Shop. We went from adoption fairs 1 day a week, to 7 days a week as a pet shop, ALL of our available dogs were abandoned dogs that ended up in our shelter system.

If you think you love to shop for your dog...Imagine how great it is to shop for everybody's dog!  Heaven on Earth!

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