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We are so proud to have you come visit our website.  Bark n' Bitches has the most "amazing" and extensive selection of dog collars , super comfy dog beds and lots of fun toys.  All of our treat, health and food products are organic and holistic.  NO wheat, NO soy, No corn. If you have ever had the experience of coming into our store, you know that we are simply crazy for dogs!  So much so, that we are Los Angeles's first Humane Pet Shop!  Every dog for adoption has been rescued from city and county shelters. We do not support puppy mill cruelty or their product. My dedicated staff and volunteers are extraordinary and I could not fulfill this dream without their hard work and dedication. Adopt from us, and get a generous 20% off one time shopping spree. Adopt from us and you become a member of Jimi's Angels Halo Club, and get a lifetime 10% off!! Here are our available rescue dogs: